We are very excited to announce that version 1.1 of MetGem has just been released.

We mainly improved databases query: this part have been re-written from scratch is now much faster while using less memory. List of improvements also includes:

  • Faster project loading.
  • Faster generation of network graph.
  • Spectra loaded in spectrum widget can now be saved as image or text.
  • Maximum size of clusters can be controled in the network view with the Maximum Connected Components Size option.
  • Improved User Interface, especially for downloading and querying databases.
  • In Silico MS/MS DataBase has been added to the databases available for download.

A large number of bugs have also been fixed. Full changelog can be found in the release page. However, if you think you found one, feel free to fill a new issue on the github project page.

Please, note that we found unexpected behavior on MzMine versions newer than 2.32: MS/MS can sometimes be empty in exported MGF files. Please stay with MZMine 2.32 until this problem has been fixed.

Downloads are available here: