Today, MetGem version 1.2.1 was released. This new version does not add any new features but fix some blocking problems:

  • Fix crash while saving project if color mapping was reset using menu,
  • Fix crash during loading of project if size mapping was reset before saving,
  • Fix t-SNE line position if scale is changed,
  • Node Size Combo icon is now an action that can be used to change node size,
  • Set unsaved changes flag when using or deleting mappings,
  • Don’t reset node table headers after loading group mapping files,
  • Add an explicit warning if user try to query database and no library has been downloaded yet,
  • Fix “Highlight nodes from selected edges function” in edges table: nodes were not selected in t-SNE view.

Full changelog can be found in the release page. However, if you think you found one, feel free to fill a new issue on the github project page.

Downloads are available here: